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Ommie is a social goodwill app and a place to foster compassion. 

We have just launched the app and are looking for story submissions as well as volunteers to participate in our compassion and altruism research. If that’s you, please email us at

Let us be vulnerably honest and share how Ommie was born… 

The idea of Ommie was born in a hospital in Barcelona in June 2019. Just hours before that, a mother embraced her beautiful newborn. It was a moment filled with sorrow and the most unbearable, paralyzing pain.

Instead of a new life, she met death. The baby was stillborn. That day, dreams, relationships, and hearts were crushed.

It was also the day when new insights and experiences started coming to life.

One of them was the moment of overwhelming joy when a two-year-old cheerfully marched into the hospital room. The child did not realize what happened and was simply delighted to see her mother. They hugged. It was a heartfelt, intense moment — it held profound gratitude and love. The mother smiled.

For months, she was looking for answers and ways to adjust. She learned that there is an average of 24,000 women who experience stillbirth every year in US alone. Yet, very few talk about this life-changing experience. As she read through the stories of those who courageously shared, she found hope, strength, inspiration and encouragement. She wishes those families knew how much their words and experience mattered to her. 

In the following years, Ommie came to life thanks to the efforts of a dream-team of five from USA and Russia.  

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