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Ommie is a social goodwill app and a place to foster compassion. Our community members share their most meaningful stories and support each other.

Currently, it’s a private group and you can join by invitation-only. We do this to ensure the quality of content and to establish trust and respect. Meanwhile, we’re implementing app features which will minimize spam and immature conduct. We’ll partially rely on the community members to moderate the content and flag inappropriate activity. 

Here’s why supporters matter to us

When a tragic event happens unexpectedly, we feel isolated from the whole world. If we’re lucky, friends and loved ones are by our side to offer support. However, that’s not always the case. And often, it’s hard to express how you truly feel to those around you. We avoid negative emotions to protect our loved ones, at the expense of our own emotional contentedness. 

When we share our stories with the Ommie community, we have the chance to connect with wonderful strangers in a genuine, empathetic way. Because like you – like all of us – they’ve been through tough times. Their experiences are their roadmaps to help you feel supported and understood. 


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