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Share stories. 
Foster compassion.

Share stories. 
Foster compassion.

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Be present. Be Heard.

Join the Ommie community to practice global compassion. Our aim is to establish a worldwide group of supporters for people going through difficult times. We invite you to share your own stories and “be there” to support others.

Share your most meaningful stories. You may choose to remain anonymous.

Learn from each other, offer emotional support, and grow stronger.

Show personal authenticity and spark human connections around the world.

What kind of stories?

Share powerful personal stories about challenges, hardships, transformation, and growth. These stories evoke strong emotions and have the power to create much-needed human relationships. By adding hashtags to your story, you have an opportunity to connect with your unique group of supporters.

What kind of support?

Offer support by simply being present and holding a positive intent towards a recipient. It can be a prayer, loving-kindness, gratitude, etc. What you give to the other person is non-monetary and non-material, yet invaluable — it’s your time, your experience, and undivided attention.

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